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Delta, BC, CanadaWe are group of The Delta in British Columbia is where the river and the ocean, mountain and valley converge: a wildlife habitat boost robust and fragile, surrounded by marine and boat service industry and agriculture. Historically this is the area where agriculture and marina business are close to each other with no a surprise when the same family grows potatoes, catches fish, repair boats and operates small marinas. Ladner itself is the part of Delta community, which location is the most close to the Strait of Georgia.



Delta, BC, CanadaWesDel Marina and A3E Marine Products Inc as the commercial part of it is located on a bank of Canoe Passage, 5 miles NE from the Strait of Georgia, next to the Westham Island Bridge, the oldest one in Metro Vancouver and famous Yamanaka Boat Works Ltd , former one of the oldest boatyards of Delta. Westham Island Bridge leads to Westham island agriculture area, famous for it,s berry plantations, domestic fruit wines and Migratory Bird Sanctuary with thousands of snow geese. It,s take about 40 minutes at a speed of 10 knots to get to Strait of Georgia from A3e Marine Products location through Sea Raech and South Arm of Fraser River or 20-30minutes on own risk through Canoe Pass with high water tide.


Delta, BC, CanadaOn foot or by bike, the land to the west and south can be accessed via the dyketrail that begins 0,6 km SW and accompanies the Fraiser River around it,s last sweeping curve to the Pacific. As the trail rounds Brunswik Points, coastal farms at one side and the Strait of Georgia on the other providethe escort as far as the Tsawwasen Ferry causeway, where the dyke trail ends. " Town' is the hamlet of Ladner, 3 minutes NE by car, with the "uptown' amenities of Vancouver just over a half an hour to the North. A scenic half hour SE on HW 99 and you are at White Rock & Canada/US border.








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